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  • Jonas Mårtensson appointed new director of ITRL

    Published Feb 07, 2022

    Jonas Mårtensson is the new director of ITRL, officially starting from November 2021. Jonas is professor at the division of decision and control systems, and he has been engaged in ITRL since the star...

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  • New paper on diagnosis service system for self-driving vehicles

    A collage of a truck and a portrait of Lina Rylander
    Published Dec 21, 2021
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  • Watch: Future Battery Recycling webinar

    Published Dec 16, 2021

    Road transport is beginning to become electrified, with electric cars amounting to about 1/3 of all sales in Sweden. However, what will happen to the batteries at the end of the road?

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  • Multi-million investment in development of connected, autonomous vehicles

    Blue car with 5g Ride printed on it
    An autonomous vehicle from the 5g Ride project.
    Published Dec 13, 2021

    The next phase in the development of the 5G Ride project, focusing on the public transport of the future. The ongoing collaboration on 5G connected, self-driving buses operated by Kista Science City, ...

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  • Royal visit at ITRL

    The kings listening to a presentation at ITRL.
    Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published Nov 29, 2021

    How can we make remote control of self driving cars safer? The kings of Sweden and Spain visited ITRL and were given a demonstration of remote control safety systems for self-driving cars.

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  • Tullinge Work Hub Living Lab up and running again after pandemic

    A row of desks at the Living Lab
    Desks at Tullinge Work Hub Living Lab.
    Published Nov 11, 2021

    The living lab invites participants back after Covid-19 to continue investigate how working hubs closer to home can reduce time spent commuting and live more sustainably.

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  • Watch: The Future of Public Transport Webinar

    Published Oct 29, 2021

    Automated vehicles is a highly trending topic right now, but how is this shift from manual to self-driving perceived by the people currently working in the sector? For our first Breakfast webinar this...

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  • New project with Nobina to investigate autonomous buses without operators

    Autonomous buses on a snowy road.
    Autonomous buses from a previous project.
    Published Oct 14, 2021

    ITRL is joining forces with Nobina Technology in a new project to examine autonomous buses without a standby driver on-board. The project includes partners such as Telia, SL/Region Stockholm, Järfälla...

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  • How self-driving trucks will change our transportation system

    Autonomous trucks at a harbor.
    Autonomous trucks are already in use in some areas. Photo: Bernd Dittrich/Pexels.
    Published Sep 07, 2021

    Some say driverless trucks might start pulling up next to you at a red light in a decade. Trucks without drivers could change our transport system and reduce costs, but it might also increase road tra...

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  • Anna Pernestål steps down as director

    Portrait of Anna Pernestål.
    Published Jul 07, 2021

    As of July 1st Anna Pernestål will be stepping down as director of ITRL to start her new job at Scania. Anna will however continue to stay involved, allocating circa 25% of her time with the centre an...

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  • Watch: Sustainable Integrated Urban Freight - Research from the HITS project

    Published Jun 30, 2021

    Watch our very first Researchers’ Roundtable, join researchers and experts involved in the HITS 2024 as they explore the project through a system perspective, collaborating to build academic knowledge...

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  • Elisa Bin to teach coding at Pink Programming’s Machine Learning Camp

    Montage of Pink Programming and portrait of Elisa Bin.
    Pink Programming Summer Camp aims to create an inspiring environment where girls and women can improve their coding skills.
    Published Jun 29, 2021

    Research engineer Elisa Bin is joining Pink Programming’s summer camp to teach coding and deep learning in their effort to encourage more women to go into programming and machine learning.

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  • Startup inspired by ITRL research nominated for award

    Published Jun 16, 2021

    The startup Gordian, originally a spin off from ITRL research, is nominated for the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Pitch Awards. On the 22nd of June (5 pm) they will go head-to-head with 24 other star...

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  • Albin Engholm successfully defends his licentiate thesis on driverless trucks

    Albin Engholm holding flowers.
    Published Jun 10, 2021

    Researcher Albin Engholm sucessfully defended his licentiate thesis on June 9th at ITRL. The thesis provides an analysis of future impacts on the transport system and the emerging innovation system.

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  • Watch: A modern public transport solution

    Published Jun 04, 2021

    MMiB became the first project in Europe that integrated self-driving buses in public transport, the project aims at implementing an integrated and sustainable mobility solution in Barkarby city from e...

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  • ABE Södertörn releases report on autonomous buses

    A steering wheel in a bus.
    Published May 24, 2021

    The project has now released its final report, providing suggestions on how future self-driving electric buses can be utilized by analyzing a potential crosslink in Södertörn.

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  • Business Model Labs to present at Drive Sweden Thematic Areas Meeting

    Published May 12, 2021

    Business Model lab is participating in Drive Sweden Thematic Areas Meeting: Business Models & Policy Development, on May 25th at 9 am.

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  • Watch: How Covid-19 changed the landscape of transportation webinar

    Published May 06, 2021

    In this very special edition of Breakfast Webinars from May 4th we invited ITRL researchers to present their work related to COVID-19. Watch below as we explore the answer to the question: What REALLY...

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  • Watch: Effekter av självkörande fordon

    Published Apr 19, 2021

    Despite the current focus on sustainability, what would happen if autonomous vehicles allowed more people to travel by car and therefore increase emissions? Or what if kids no longer needed a chauffeu...

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  • Drive Sweden Business Model Lab kicks off 2021-2022

    Published Apr 16, 2021

    On March 30th Drive Sweden Business Model Lab held its kick-off for 2021-2022. Lab partners addressed solutions for sustainable business models in quickly developing areas such as automation, electrif...

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