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New publication: Understanding user practices in mobility service systems

Published Mar 19, 2019

As part of the Sustainable Mobility Services Södertälje project, this
publication utilises data gathered from corporate MaaS users in
order to better understand the opportunities and constraints of
sustainable transport systems.

The Sustainable Mobility Services Södertälje project aims to develop,
demonstrate and evaluate a multimodal transport service for passengers
traveling to, from and within Scania, Södertälje.

Mobility as a Service represents an important element in the transition towards
sustainable transport systems and as such, offers invaluable insights for
research. In this publication, researchers utilising data gathered through
interviews with users identified several barriers that exist to the adoption of
sustainable transport, as well as opportunities to overcome these barriers.

Using social practice theories to analyse their data, the publication presents
findings that emphasise the importance of understanding the system’s users and
contributes to overcoming the barriers to sustainable transport systems.

Learn more  about the “Sustainable Mobility Services Södertälje” project

Download the paper: “Understanding user practices in mobility service systems:Results from studying large scale corporate MaaS in practice” (pdf 943 kB)

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