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Designing car-sharing: learnings from KTH Mobility Pool

How can mobility services reduce the usage of fossile fuel driven cars?

Time: Tue 2018-03-27 08.30 - 09.30

Location: ITRL, Drottning Kristinas Väg 40 Stockholm, Sweden 10044

Participating: Jenny Janhager Stier, Liridona Sopjani, Mia Hesselgren

The Swedish municipality Botkyrka and IKEA in Älmhult are two work locations with the common problem of too many employees commuting by car. The area around the work locations becomes a parking place and the fact that the employees use their private internal combustion engine car for work related errands does not fit into the environmental policies of these organizations.

Within the scope of this collaboration project, a pool with light electric vehicles (LEVs) has been tested in Botkyrka and IKEA Älmhult during 6-12 months. The goal was to replace the use of the fossil fuel using cars by these LEVs. The vehicles have place for two persons and have a range of 50-80 km depending on driving behaviour. The pool had two different types of users: daytime users that used the vehicles during working time for meetings, errands, lunches and these were allowed to use the vehicles for both work related and private errands, as well as caretakers that took the car to and from the work every working day. The caretakers were allowed to use the vehicles as if it was their own during weekends and evenings. As a compensation, they were responsible for charging and cleaning the vehicles as well as doing minor maintenance of the vehicle.

The presentation will summarize the experiences and outcomes of this collaboration project.

Jenny Janhager Stier is PhD and senior researcher at Integrated Product Development at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Her particular research interests include various aspects of the user role within product development. The recent years, she has been working with questions concerning the user role within electrical mobility such as attitudes and knowledge about electrical vehicles, electrical vehicle diffusion and sharing light electrical vehicles.

Liridona Sopjani is a PhD Candidate at the department of Integrated Product Development, KTH. Her research focuses on sustainable product-service systems design through means of co-creation and user involvement, with an empirical focus on connected and shared mobility service systems

Mia Hesselgren is a PhD Candidate in Design and Sustainability at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on how methods in service design, strategic design and collaborative design can be used for sustainability transitions. In her research, design is used to bridge user experiences and practices from experiments in real life to decision-making processes and she has experience from several research projects in sustainable mobility.

The seminar is arranged by Integrated Transport Research Lab.

Breakfast will be served.

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